How to Help

How you can spread the message, faster than the virus.

It's pretty simple. Help us spread these messages, faster than the virus.

On the left, you'll find our "CoCo Briefs," packed with plenty of tweets, images, and memes. Share them across blogs, social media, video. Get creative. Surprise us. SAVE FERRIS.

This is not a "feel-good" or charity project. This is important work, because it educates the public on how to think and act during a global pandemic. It's cute and funny, but this is no joke.

Start by sharing a single message. Your voice is stronger than you think.

Copy, paste, and post:

It's never too late to #SlowTheSpread. It's never too late to see #HumansHelpingHumans. When we work together, we win. #coco


How to Help Even More

If you're creative, CoCo has a hundred ways to help. Everything on this site is open source (copyright-free), so you're free to build, remix, and share.

  • Marketing peeps can write catchy headlines and slogans around these messages.

  • Graphic designers can create branded images and banners (think Hope, We Can Do It, and Keep Calm).

  • Social media influencers can help amplify these messages (or translate into other languages).

  • Video creators can create and share videos that build on these messages.

  • Meme creators can build and share viral memes to slow the virus.

During a pandemic, you don't need to ask permission: just do the right thing.

We are a small team of marketing and communication professionals working on a volunteer basis. CoCo is a labor of love.

At the same time, we welcome government, institutional, or corporate grants to help us amplify this global communication effort. Contact us if you can help.