The Great Recovery

When we get through the sickness, it will be the greatest time to be alive.
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When we get through sickness, we're even stronger. Get ready for the #GreatRecovery. #coco

Why This is Important:

Helping people understand that WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Because this is a global pandemic, it will likely be followed by a global recovery. [Source: World Health Organization]

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  • This is [NAME] reminding you to get ready for the #GreatRecovery. I don't know if it will happen next week or next year, but it's coming. Get ready! Spread the word, not the germ: the #GreatRecovery.

  • [NAME] here, reminding you to look for the #GreatRecovery. It's going to be a planetary boom. It's going to be the greatest time to be alive. It's going to be the #GreatRecovery. Spread the word, not the germ: #GreatRecovery.

  • This is [NAME]. A global recession means eventually a global recovery. We call it the #GreatRecovery. It's coming. I promise. Spread the word, not the germ. #CoCo

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Additional Notes:

  • To be deployed in all global regions ASAP.

  • Need translators to communicate this message locally. [See How to Help]