Humans Helping Humans

Humans being bros. Humans being chicas. Humans helping humans.
Shoot and share your own video (instructions below).

Copy, paste, and post:

When humans help humans, we get through the #Coronavirus faster and easier. Do a #coco

Why This is Important:

Helping the public understand that a global pandemic means we're all in this together: to make it through, everyone needs to lend a helping hand. [Source: Center for Disease Control]

Shoot a video:

No fancy set. No hair and makeup. No need to memorize. Just turn the camera on yourself (in landscape mode) and read one of these lines:

  • HUMANS HELPING HUMANS: When we all work together, we get through the #Coronacrisis as quickly as possible. This is [NAME], your fellow human, reminding you to take this message and pass it on: spread the word, not the germ.

  • Hi, this is [NAME] reminding you that we're all in this together. The #Coronacrisis means it's time to set aside differences and help each other out. HUMANS HELPING HUMANS. Now take this message and pass it on: spread the word, not the germ.

  • This is [NAME]. [Talk about anything you or someone else have done to help, no matter how small.] That's humans helping humans. Now take this message and pass it on to your fellow humans: spread the word, not the germ.

Use this hashtag:

#humanshelpinghumans, #humansbeingbros [Note: Any image with people helping each other can use these hashtags.]

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Additional Notes:

  • To be deployed in all global regions ASAP.

  • Need translators to communicate this message locally. [See How to Help]