Do a CoCo

Small kindnesses. Everyday affection. Paying it forward.
Shoot and share your own video (instructions below).

Copy, paste, and post:

During this #Coronacrisis, do small kindnesses, make human connections, and practice patience. Do a #CoCo.

Why This is Important:

Helping the public understand that every day there are small, concrete gestures that each of us can do to help during the #Coronacrisis. [Source: Center for Disease Control]

Shoot a video:

No fancy set. No hair and makeup. No need to memorize. Just turn the camera on yourself (in landscape mode) and read one of these lines:

  • This is [NAME] reminding you to check in on a friend. Help someone out. Pay it forward. Do a #CoCo.

  • [NAME] here. Every day there's something small we can do, even if it's just texting a friend. Do something nice. Do a #CoCo.

  • [NAME] here reminding you that if we work together, we will win. Help your fellow humans. Do a #CoCo.

  • I'm [NAME]. Spread the Word. Not the Germ. Do a #CoCo.

  • [NOTE: Any photos or videos of humans helping humans can be tagged #CoCo]

Use this hashtag:

#CoCo (Note: any pictures of small kindnesses can be tagged with this.)

Share media:


  • Please help by contributing inspiring images and memes. [See How to Help]

Additional Notes:

  • To be deployed in all global regions ASAP.

  • Need translators to communicate this message locally. [See How to Help]