Best Practices, Best Peeps

When we try new things, and share our best results, we become our best peeps.
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When we develop BEST PRACTICES, we develop BEST PEEPS: better systems make a better society. #coco

Why This is Important:

In one sentence, explain why this message matters to the CoCo strategy.

Helping the public understand the importance of innovating quickly to solve problems, and freely sharing their best results. [Source: World Health Organization]

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No fancy set. No hair and makeup. No need to memorize. Just turn the camera on yourself (in landscape mode) and read one of these lines:

  • This is [NAME]. BEST PRACTICES means trying a bunch of new stuff, finding what works, and sharing the solutions that work best. Best Practices Make #BestPeeps. Now take this message and pass it on: spread the word, not the germ.

  • [NAME] reminding you that we have to solve problems quickly during the #CoronaCrisis. Try something new. If it works, share it with others. If it doesn't, throw it out and start again. Best solutions make #BestPeeps. Spread the word, not the germ.

  • [NAME] here. [Share any pictures, stories, or anecdotes of solutions you've found to a particular problem -- ANYTHING. Tag it #BestPeeps]. Spread the word, not the germ!

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Additional Notes:

  • To be deployed in all global regions ASAP.

  • Need translators to communicate this message locally. [See How to Help]