Best Practices for Healthcare

Real-world examples of healthcare organizations communicating well about COVID-19.

Communicating about Health & Safety (to Employees)

Communicating about Health & Safety (to Patients)

  • Provide telemedicine options. Encourage patients to use telemedicine for convenience and social distancing.

    · Example: Modern Healthcare

  • Think before you tweet. Use social media responsibly, to democratize accurate COVID-19 facts.

    · Example: CDC

  • Educate, identify, and treat. Employ a three-pronged "educate, identify, treat" strategy to help patients understand symptoms and next steps.

    · Example: Luma Health

Communicating Operational Changes to Patients

  • Think GMB. Update your Google My Business listing and your web pages if your operating hours or locations change.

    · Example: Search Engine Land

  • Put your auto-attendant to work. Update your recorded auto-attendant phone greeting, informing patients about what information you need, when they can expect a response, and why your office cannot personally pick up all calls at this time.

    · Example: HubSpot

  • Tweet and chat. Use social media posts to inform patients of changes to operating conditions, including changes in hours and changes in how to access healthcare.

    · Example: AMA

Communicating about Disaster and Continuity Planning

  • Be clear. Provide employees with clear steps they should follow to help ensure business continuity. Make these steps as unambiguous as possible to minimize chances of misinterpretation

    · Example: LogicGate

  • Be secure. Use a password-protected page on your company website to communicate with employees if you must implement your crisis plan. You could also designate a toll-free phone number for employees to call for information or use secure mass text messaging

    · Example: RISCPA

  • Pin posts. Create pinned posts and tweets on your business social media pages to inform patients about practice continuity. Pinned elements stay at the top of your business page.

    · Examples: Facebook, Twitter

Communicating about Helping Your Community

  • Know your POC. Establish a point of contact between your healthcare system and local government to ensure coordination during quarantine periods.

    · Example: CDC

  • Reach out. Communicate with local faith-based organizations to emphasize the need for social distancing.

    · Example: Minnesota Department of Health

  • Coordinate care work. Work with community leaders to coordinate checking in on vulnerable populations sheltering at home.

    · Example:

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