An Intro to CoCo

Spread the word. Not the germ.

During the Coronacrisis, one thing we can all do is communicate well about Coronavirus. When we share helpful, truthful information, we literally save lives. That's why we created CoCo.

Coronavirus + Communication = CoCo.

CoCo is a messaging toolkit with ready-made tweets, images, and even memes that you’re free to use, remix, and share. They're cute and funny, but the mission is serious: you're saving human lives.

We've created CoCo to empower anyone with an audience to spread helpful, truthful information -- through blogs, videos, and social media. You can start sharing right now.

Copy, paste, and post:

By spreading helpful, truthful messages about #COVID19, we can #SlowTheSpread and speed the #GreatRecovery. This is how we band together as humans to defeat the #Coronavirus.

During the #Coronacrisis, we can all do something to help. Help, don't hoard. Build, don't blame. Your voice is stronger than you think. #coco

Do something kind today for someone else. Do a #CoCo

Good communication is how we work together as humans. We’re one human species. And if we work together, we will win.

When we argue, fight, bicker, and blame, the virus marches on. Only by working together will we be able to defeat COVID-19. This is literally your chance to save lives.

How you can help (right now)

Each CoCo Brief (at left) has a primary message with tweets, videos, and images to help these ideas spread. Copy, paste, and post into your social media feeds. Shoot and share a video. Forward to a friend.

Your mission: help these messages spread faster than the virus.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save human lives, and rebuild the world in a better way.

Spread the word. Not the germ. Here's How.

All content on this website is offered under an open-source CC0 license by a team of volunteers who are working together to save human lives.